Medical Courses After 12th Science

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Medical courses after 12th science

Have you completed 12th science with PCB subjects? Do you want to pursue a good medical course? If so, this article will help you. Here, you will be reading about the best medical courses after the 12th.
What is the first thing on your mind when talking about medical courses? MBBS and BDS? That’s it? Well, there are many more medical courses, which you are eligible to pursue after 12th science!
Medical courses can be pursued by students completing 12th science with PCB subjects. PCB subjects make ‘Biology Group’ together. The biological group is also known as ‘B’ group among the students.
Apart from MBBS and BDS, many medical courses are also present. There are some such courses – Nursing, Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Greek, Science courses (BSc), Teacher training courses, Paramedical courses and other diploma courses.
Let us check out the best medical courses available in India –

Medical Courses After 12th Science

Medical courses after 12th science

This is probably the most popular medical course available in India. The MBBS course is 5½ years long. The academic program is 4½ years long. Finally, there is a 1-year internship program. MBBS is the minimum qualification required to practice in India as a doctor.

2) BDS
BDS stands for Bachelor of Dental Surgery. To become a dentist, this academic program has to be completed. This course is 5 years long (including internships).

3) BSc Nursing
This course will help you become a Registered Nurse (RN)! The duration of the course is 3-4 years. Academic programs include classroom lectures and practical training.

4) BPHMM (Bachelor of Pharmacy)
B.Pharma The degree will help you become a licensed chemist in India. The duration of the course is 4 years. The curriculum is mainly focused on subjects such as pharmacy, chemistry, biology and health care.

5) Pharma D
Form d and b Form There are two different courses! Pharma D course stands for Doctor of Pharmacy. It is more advanced than B pharm course! The duration of the course is 6 years.

BAMS stands for Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery. Unlike MBBS, this course focuses on the concepts of Ayurveda and Ayurvedic medicines. After completing this course, any doctor (Ayurveda) will earn the title. The course is 5½ years long.

BHMS stands for Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery. The aim of this discipline is to treat patients using homeopathic methods and medicines. After completing this course, a doctor (homeopathic) will win the title. Course is 5½ years long

BUMS stands for Unani Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery. The purpose of this discipline is to treat the Marine using the Greek system of treatment. The course is 5½ years long.

BPT stands for graduation of physiotherapy. This discipline uses massages, exercises, and muscle movement to treat those patients who are suffering from accidents or recovering from surgery. The course is 4½ years long.

10) B.V.SC. and A.H.
This course is known as the undergraduate of veterinary science and animal husbandry. This discipline is focused on the use of biology and technology for the treatment and prevention of diseases in animals. The curriculum is 5 years long.

11) BOT (Bachelor of Occupational Therapy)
BOT course focuses on professional therapy. This discipline is about exercising, training, accessory, environmental optimization and the use of equipment for the treatment of patients with physical, mental, emotional and nerve related limitations. The course is 4½ years long.

This course focuses on topics such as audiology, auditory disorders, auditory system and speech language therapy. The course is 5 years long (including internships).

13) other BSc courses
Nursing among the students of BSc Biology is the most popular science course. In addition to nursing, there are many other relevant science courses available in India.
Some of them are –
B.Sc. Biochemistry
B.Sc. Biology
B.Sc. Physics
B.Sc. Chemistry
B.Sc. Environmental Science
B.Sc. Biotechnology
B.Sc. Occupational Therapy
B.Sc. Physiotherapy
B.Sc. Radiology
B.Sc. Bioinformatics
B.Sc. Anthropology
B.Sc. Microbiology
B.Sc. Zoology
B.Sc. Forensic Science
B.Sc. Agriculture
B.Sc. Pathology
B.Sc. Speech Therapy
B.F.Sc. (Fisheries Science)
B.Sc. Horticulture
B.Sc. Genetics
B.Sc. Health Science and Nutrition
B.Sc. Sports Science
B.Sc. Audiology
B.Sc. Botany

Other Medical Courses After 12th Science

Paramedical courses are related to the allied healthcare sector. Such courses deals with subjects like medical lab technology, diagnosis technology, radiology etc. Here are some of the best paramedical courses available in India –
B.Sc. in Operation Theatre Technology
B.Sc. in x ray Technology
B.Sc. in Radiography and Medical Imaging
B.Sc. in Dialysis Technology
B.Sc. in Medical Record Technology
B.Sc. in Medical Laboratory Technology
B.Sc. in Ophthalmic Technology
Bachelor of Occupational Therapy
Bachelor of Physiotherapy
B.Sc. in Speech Therapy
BASLP Course
B.Sc. in Audiology
B.Sc. in Anesthesia Technology
B.Sc. in Audiology and Speech Therapy
B.Sc. in Optometry
Diploma in Operation Theatre Technology (DOTT)
Diploma in x ray Technology
Diploma in Radiography and Medical Imaging
Diploma in ECG Technology
Diploma in Dialysis Technology
Diploma in Medical Record Technology
Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology (DMLT)
Diploma in Ophthalmic Technology
Diploma in Physiotherapy
Diploma in Anesthesia Technology
Diploma in Nursing Care Assistant
Diploma in Sanitary Inspector
Diploma in Hearing Language and Speech (DHLS)
Diploma in Dental Hygienist
Diploma in Audiometry Technician
Diploma in Audiology and Speech Therapy
X-Ray/Radiology Assistant (or Technician)
Medical Laboratory Assistant
Operation Theatre Assistant
Nursing Care Assistant (Certificate)
ECG Assistant
Dental Assistant
Ophthalmic Assistant
CT scan Technician
Dialysis Technician
MRI Technician

Here are some other relevant Diploma courses for PCB group students –
GNM (General Nursing and Midwifery)
ANM (Auxiliary Nursing and Midwifery)
Diploma in Pharmacy
Diploma in Dairy Technology
Diploma in Yoga Education

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