What is the Nipah virus that killed 10 people in Kerala, know everything about it

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New Delhi: First case of Nipah virus first appeared in Singapore and Malaysia in 1998 and 1999. It first affects pigs, bats or other organisms, and in the presence of it, people also get into the grip.

Nipah virus

The first signs were seen in Malaysia when a person was caught by this virus and was killed, it was named Nipah after the same village. This virus has been listed in the World Health Organization’s Terrestrial Animal Health Code.

Nipah Virus:

Nipah virus spreads through exposure to human infected pigs, bats or other infected organisms. This virus causes encephalitis. This infection spreads to people through fruit bets. Those who cultivate date palm come quickly in the grip of this infection. In 2004, due to this virus, a lot of people were affected in Bangladesh. 

Nipah virus

What are its symptoms?

A person suffering from this infection is diagnosed with acute infections like fever, headache, mental delusion, deviation, coma and death at the end of this insufflate syndrome. In Malaysia, due to this, nearly 50 percent of patients died. Methods of Rescue In humans, the only way to fix Nipah virus is to take proper care. The medicine called ribavirin has proved effective against the virus. However, the clinical efficacy of ribavirin is uncertain in human tests so far. Apart from this, keep the distance from infected pigs, bats or other infected organisms. Although no specific HIV treatment or vaccine for humans or animals is currently not present. 

Nipah virus

The case of being infected with Nipah also appeared in the Malaysian firm where a pig was hit by this dangerous virus. While there have been cases of the human virus spreading from humans in Bangladesh and India. Therefore, hospitals are being taken care of patients infected with this virus and samples are being collected from slaughterhouses also .


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