Nutrition and Dietetics (Dietitian) Careers | Docs Job

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Nutrition and Dietetics (Dietitian) Careers | Docs Job

Nutritionists and dieticians are health professionals, it is the primary duty of a patient to read healthy food, as well as be aware of the development in medicine and nutrition. However, there is a difference between diet and nutrition: Diet science focuses on food management, while nutrition is focused on health promotion through healthy eating.

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Nutrition and dietary means

Diet Specialists:

For the patient to plan, monitor, and supervise the diet, with the medical conditions such as hospitals, clinics, health centers, sports centers, or their personal clinics (diabetes, food allergies, gastrointestinal disorders, etc.) Dietitians are responsible for keeping the patient’s health, lifestyle, age, potential allergies and food priorities in mind, proper and corrective eating and eating habits. To recommend issues.

To become a dietitian, you must complete the graduation and/or Masters / PG diploma degree in Dietetics (in which nutrition can be an added theme.) Some countries like USA / Canada clear extra exams after their education. To get qualified to practice the licenses/registrations to require diet experts to qualify.


They can not plan diet plans for patients with medical problems. However, they help people get better health by advising on health and food options. Their expertise lies in tertiary education related to public health nutrition, community health, and nutrition. Nutritionists can go on research as well as nutrition consultants and consultants, public health and health promotion officers, community development officers, quality and nutrition coordinators, food technicians etc.

A nutritionist can upgrade himself to become a dietician by studying the necessary dietetics courses and obtaining licenses (in some countries only).

All dieticians can call themselves “nutritionists” or “dietitian-nutritionists”, but nutritionists can not call themselves as “dietists”.

Through the promotion of a healthy diet, nutritionists/dieticians help to improve the quality of life and overall welfare of their patients. Nutritionists/dieticians also help in making food plans for institutions, in addition to hospitals and private clinics – can allow them to work in places such as nursing homes, schools, gels, community health programs and home health care agencies are there.

Skills required


Strong communication skills are helpful, because a large part of the job is explaining to patients on diet and nutrition plans, as well as encourages patients to reach specific nutritious and dietary goals.

And as it is in almost every medical profession, considering that nutritionists/dieticians work very closely with their patients, it is important that a therapist is kind, patient, motivator and sensitive to the patient’s personal needs. Ho.

Nutrition and Diet Science Courses Eligibility Criteria
Courses in nutrition and dietary are offered at the diploma, undergraduate and postgraduate level. Institutes and universities in India present such courses as the curriculum. PG Diploma in Nutrition and Diet Science, BSc (Food Science and Nutrition) and MSc (Nutrition) etc. These courses are done on the basis of merit in admission. But some institutes/universities also conduct entrance exams for admission.

To pursue an MSc course in nutrition, one requires preferably a basic undergraduate degree in science. The areas of undergraduate education are microbiology, chemistry, home science, medicine, hotel management or catering technology. Anyone can pursue a year-old PG diploma in nutrition and dietology. Fresh graduates are trained by F & B departments of hospitals. PG Diploma courses require a minimum degree in science.

In order to undertake graduate programs in nutrition and dietetics, someone should complete intermediate in science with physics, chemistry and biology. BSc (Food Science and Nutrition) is a three-year program.

How to become a registered doctor?

In India, to become a registered dietitian, there is a need to clear the RD examination organized by the Indian Dietetic Association (

And to be eligible to write this exam, you should be:

1. Home Science in Food and Nutrition (Day Scholar.)
2. Postgraduate Diploma in Nutrition and Diet Science or MSc in Food and Nutrition (only)
(This is a 3 + 1 format where the candidate has done at home science or at least four years in food, nutrition and dietology)
3. 6-year continuous internship (or 3 + 3 months) from recognized hospitals listed on the IDA website or 2 years’ experience in a multi-purpose hospital as a full-time dietician.

Nutrition and Diet Science Careers

There are different types of dieticians: Diagnostic Diet Specialists, Community Diet Specialists, Management Diet Specialists, and Consultant Diet Specialists. Each post makes it like a different career option, such as nutrition counseling in the hospital, nutrition counseling in public health agencies, and diagnostic management in the fitness club or food service systems.

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Salary: Nutrition and Diet Science

Nutrition and Dietetics is a sophisticated general career option. Professionals involved in this field are connected to the prosperous class of society. Therefore there is no limit to anyone. Who works as a trainee in a private hospital, can get a salary of 10,000 per month and after getting one year or more experience, it can increase to Rs. 35,000. Grants are earning salaries with other benefits and benefits in professional, education or food manufacturing units working in a research field. However, in private practice, consultant dieticians are earning a lot more on the basis of their skills and reputation.

Institutes Offering Degree In Nutrition and Dietetics 

The following universities are offering courses in Nutrition and Dietetics.

  • National Institute of Nutrition, Hyderabad (PG Certificate Course in Nutrition, M. Sc (Applied Nutrition)



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