Orthopedics Careers In India

Orthopaedics Careers

Orthopedics Careers In India

Orthopedics Careers In India

Orthopedics Careers

Orthopedics Careers – Orthopedics is a surgical term that is related to correcting distortions in bones or muscles, which are once known as musculoskeletal systems. The Musculoskeletal system gives animals and humans their form, supports their body, gives them stability and facilitates speed.

With the use of both surgical and non-surgical methods, orthopedic surgeons are capable of treating birth defects, arthritis, and the damage caused by physical trauma of bones or muscles.

Eligibility Criteria for MS Orthopedics

Candidates must complete MBBS to be eligible for Master of Surgery (MS) courses in Orthopedics. (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery), or equivalent, from any recognized university in India.

For postgraduate, the candidate should be present for all-India level examination, who qualifies, the candidate becomes eligible for MS. Orthopedics Course

A degree in MS Orthopedics can be completed in 3 years. Students who have a 2-year post graduate diploma course from an accredited institution in the same subject can complete MS. Program in 2 years At the end of 3-year training, the student is marked or classified at the level of knowledge, skill and qualification in both theory and practical work. Minimum 50 percent marks are needed to clear the exam.

Orthopedics Careers

Orthopedic job prospects

Orthopedic surgeons can expect the initial salary of rupees. Rs 3 lakh to Rs. Annually 3.5 lakh annually in a private hospital In a government hospital, salary packets may be slightly lower. The highest earning of an orthopedic surgeon can be through private practice. Other options include joining the army or the navy. Vacancies for orthopedic surgeons for these military forces are advertised in “Employment News”.

Orthopedic surgeons are in search of increasing their careers, who can take the Combined Medical Services Examination organized by the Central Public Service Commission of the Government of India. They can also take the state provincial service exam conducted by the respective State Provincial Services Commission.

Orthopedic Institute

For a complete list of institutions offering MS course, go to Orthopedics in India, www.mciindia.org All listed institutions are accredited by the Medical Council of India.

Following is a list of institutions in the private sector where candidates can apply for jobs in the Orthopedics Department:

  • Batra Hospital and Medical Research Center, New Delhi

  • Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, New Delhi

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