Top 10 tips for a brilliant medical career

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Top 10 tips for a brilliant medical career

Undergraduate medical students got some career advice from a high-flying female doctor.

She gave students the benefit of their career experience as a busy doctor and a mother.

Suggestions were given:

• Choose wisely –

Go to the career path that makes you and your personality fit. If you do this then you will feel better, will be happy and then you will do better. There are some characteristics where you can choose where you want to work, so do not be too sure about what you want to do. See competition ratios.

• Equality and diversity –

Women should be ‘more clear, believe in themselves and take some more risk’. He called upon the students to make the profession more representative and to support greater participation to create more opportunities for black and minority ethnic doctors.

• Work-life balance –

Do not forget the importance of work/life balance

• Auxiliary Network –

Do not separate yourself as a ‘Doctor’. Network, make sure that you talk to all, develop your own subsidiaries. Do not be a single hand GP [for example], make sure you have friends’

• Business Support & Development –

Join Good College and Groups.

• Family Support –

‘Take care of your family. Your parents have cared for you and you have to be ready to take care of their children, their siblings. When you fail in the examination, you want to cherish your mother and support those relationships. They will help you create a fantastic career.

• Location –

‘Most students will stay where they will be placed in their foundation years – Geography is the most important factor in your career’

• Honesty –

‘This is the biggest feature that in the chemistry e-level predicts success among doctors in addition to grades.

• Leadership –

‘You need to get yourself on stage’

• Future –

‘Things change, you do not know what’s going on – stay busy, help shape the future.’


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